TOBIAS (Momo°) KREDEL (Ben Joseph)
Master of SCIENCE (Packaging, Design & Marketing)
Diplom-Designer (FH) Information & Media Design
Based in Hamburg, Germany (+/- 0:00 CET)

👁️Visual Media & Information Designer
Expert Copywriter (English / German)
Multidisciplinary Packaging Expert
Interdisciplinary Project Manager
Meta-Religious Online Preacher
H○LISTIC° Master Strategist
Pool° Founding Chairman

👧🏻Feminist & Humanist
Inventor of the Wheel°
Spiritual Philosopher
W∞LOSS° Messiah
Temple Designer
Taoist & Futurist
Friend of G○D

Karma Guru






This, Dear Reader, is what You can find on this Website in the Meantime. Explained without Hocus Pocus, but with scientific Facts, beautiful Stories, Images & even Infographics. Sorry to interrupt You in Your Quest for more & more Fiat Money, but it will be worth nothing very soon. You may stop that now, it is futile -- it is 2020 and in Tarot, the Card 20 is JUDGEMENT...


In Addition to the above, You will find Information about:

The Pool° Organisation that will save the World
The Positions of the Prophet MAHDI / MBJ
The Truth about Religion & G○D's Plan
The Strategy for World Conquest
👧🏻Athena° and her Sisters
Related Social Media

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🎬 Have you ever asked Yourself when Things will start to be like in the Science Fiction Films? Not at all the same, but better indeed than they were in the last Millennium – better, stronger, faster? >> This time seriously starts NOW! ★★★ The Science Fiction Prophet King brings You The Pool° Organisation ...




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'I want to live in a Science Fiction World. >>Who is with me?'

There is this famous Scene in one of my favourite movies, Blade Runner, in which they fly through and over Los Angeles in the Year 2019. Everything is seriously Science Fiction – the flying Car (!), the Architecture, the glowing Umbrella Sticks, the flashing Advertising Zeppelin. Everything, except Harrison Ford’s Trenchcoat and the on-the-go Noodle Packaging that he is eating out of – they are seriously 1980s.

When I first saw that Movie around 1990, I thought this might be a little like the real Los Angeles in 2019 – clear, since Blade Runner was supposed to look realistic. With still nearly 30 Years to go. Now it is 2020 and the World does not look like in Blade Runner. Which is good, in many ways – our Computer Displays and Smartphones are much better, we have LED Lighting and it is not raining so much. Others are very similar – e.g. big Eyebrows really are just the Trend.


But a lot of Things seriously suck today and still seem to be cemented – even if they are only social Institutions that we can change today if we have a better idea. Just like ADVERTISING, CAPITALISM – or the Way we think a COMPANY must be structured...




Portrait Photography: Kay Winter / WINTERPOL

A KING needs to have a specific Profile. Otherwise also the Crown would not stay in place (it would slide off or down over the eyes). G○D made it so > to make true Kings (or Queens) easy to identify. Kindly note that if there is Talk about KINGS and NOBILITY here, we are talking about an IDEAL kind of Nobility, just as in the Legends about King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.




True Nobility is serving for the Greater Good. Once You got rid of Your ego, You will see that You never needed it in the first place. The ego is weak, it hurts and is afraid a lot. > Good Riddance!

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>> PDF: Allvaters 10-Finger Regel
>> PDF: Allfather's 10-Finger Rule
>> PDF: Dutch / De 10-Vingerregel van het Onze Vader
>> PDF: French / Père du Monde's 10-Doigt Précepte
>> PDF: Italian / Padre del Mondo’s Regola delle 10 Dita
>> PDF: Hindi Version /

Kindly HELP (>thanks!) by translating 🔺Allfather's Rule into more Languages!

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Hallowed be His Name! Forever & Ever! His Kingdom Comes!

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  This Website is meant to be read very much like a BOOK, hence the Name NEURONOMICON --inspired by H.P. Lovecraft & William Gibson.


Audio Track: The Sisterhood / Rain from Heaven


It is best viewed with Frames to get Bookmark Thumbnails for Navigation & to enable convenient browsing through the different Contents & Presentation Materials for Information & Evidence.

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The NEURONOMICON👁️WEBSITE was created to present myself as the TRUE HOLY PROPHET of the End Time, Chosen by G○D Almighty! >>REVIEW the Divine Plan & my Claim with Materials of Evidence, then EVALUATE my holistic & scientific Interpretation of Prophetic SCRIPTURE. >>🐣 REJOICE, Brothers & Sisters! >>THIS IS THE RISE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD!



  As prophesied for the MAHDI, I do have a Nose like Prophet Mohamed -- and my Artist Name Momo° is a short Form of his Name.
  And as prophesied for Imam Mahdi, I protect and defend myself with Resources of SCIENCE and Supreme Knowledge.
  I can present the Genetics of a True HIGH PRIEST, with the Blood of KINGS and the GIANT Ancestry required for a Prophet ...
  ... PLUS I am the re-born genetic Half-Brother of the uncrowned Queen of ISRAEL -- with Scientific Proof easy to supply. >>IMHO matching Birthmark(s)!
  >>Enjoy Shabat°Light and ADVANCED Tora Study with Messiah Ben Joseph -- learn many SECRETS long hidden and now finally revealed!

As fair as Lord Vishnu's KALKI Avatar and with Eyes BLUE like blazing Fire >> just as prophesied by St. John the Divine, I come with a White Horse ...


... which is the Pool° Organisation -- which is the BEAUTIFUL FUTURE of Work >> and that will SAVE the World! For GOOD & for ALL of us!

  As a TAOIST & Meta-Religious Spiritual Philosopher, I am more neutral than Switzerland -- and happy to do Pope, Mahdi, Messiah & Avatar all in ONE Wash.
  As a FEMINIST and since I stand with ISRAEL, I hope to soon be protected by an all-female Bodyguard of Israeli Princesses* - but mostly for the BEAUTY of it:
  G○D Almighty is with me, protects me & pays back every Sin against me >> just starting to think about trying to harm me puts one at Risk for an Accident...
  ... and no Need for even thinking about that. When I was Joseph (= Yusuf) the Meaning of my Egyptian name IMHOTEP said it literally: We come in PEACE!
  And we prophesy a beautiful, SUSTAINABLE Future for ALL Mankind! >> Kindly support us. Seriously.






🌈 The NEURONOMICON👁️WEBSITE is also an ARTIST's MANIFESTO to explain our HOLISTIC Artistic & Strategic VISION to create a wonderful FUTURE for ALL Earthlings.

>> Of ALL Colours, Genders & Variations!
👧🏻 👦🏻 👨🏼 👩🏻 👳🏻 👸🏽






Donations for our Good Causes bring Good Luck! As leading Karma Guru, I can guarantee You that -- G○D ALWAYS rewards Charity:

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Please note that there is also a kosher Version of the above Article. As Spiritual Philosopher, my Objective is to reach as many People as possible -- and not trying to convert anybody. The kosher Version is also considerably shorter -- in case this is a Criterium for You.




< 🤚🔺>


Write us to get a beautiful CERTIFICATE for Your Donation!
If You manage to donate a more beautiful Amount than our Friend Stephen Roberts & agree, then Your Donation will be shown here!

We are happy to sign as Tobias v. Israel (= "of Israel") or Momo° (= short for "Mohamed") or as both. For any Donation higher than 999,-€ You are granted a handsigned Hardcopy of Your Certificate, sent out worldwide & printed on Royal Grade Paper.


>> But most important
-- much, much more than monetary DONATIONS -- is Your very valuable TIME, Dear Reader! ⚠️



'TIME THIEVES' are all around us today -- everybody & everything wants our Attention, Options are endless. To be able to cope with the Information Overkill, we are rigorously filtering everything out that is not helpful in our current Tasks. -- This, however, also lets us ignore all those Fruits that are hanging a little higher in the Tree. >> Like the Golden Apple of Eternal Life...


⏳ We advise to generously use some of Your valuable Time on the NEURONOMICON👁️WEBSITE! >> As a Friend of G○D, I can assure You that You will even get the Time back at another End...



Magnum Opus / The Great Work

📚 I have read a lot of BOOKS -- a lot before the Internet and a lot SINCE the Internet. Books on various Topics, my Interests are wide and varied. This includes Works of SCIENCE as well as FICTION.



As a Child, I searched my Parents' Bookshelves for those Books that interested me the most. Lexicons I found fascinating, I wanted to KNOW everything. And I liked Battles & Strategies, Gods & Heroes. Puzzles & Mysteries, Conspiracies & Secrets. Alexandre Dumas Stories were among my Favourites - those of Karl May - Asterix - Homer's Legends of Gods & Heroes, Julius Caesar's Gallic War, Marek's 'Gods, Graves and Scholars' - and also the Bible. Both Old and New Testament, but not in the original Text - as a Child, I had a 'Bible for Kids' with beautiful painted Scenes.


"Veni, Vidi, Vici." ―  Julius Caesar *



I loved every Story of Robin Hood that I could get. The Disney movie was the first Cinema Visit I remember and Robin Hood will in a way always stay my greatest Hero (but I love ♥ Jeanne D'Arc at least as much).


Artist: Albert Lynch

I read much on History, then started with Philosophy. More for myself, but with some Inspiration from Ancient Greeks, I tried to find the Purpose of Life. The Ultimate Question, basically, but no Answer that had been given -- or that I could find -- would satisfy.



Artist: Paul Mellender


Quickly it became clear to me that any sufficient Answer would most probably include Truth on the one Mystery that was so important but yet such a strange Riddle - so hard to grasp, yet even Reason to kill & worse. >> G○D... and/or the Devil.



So to be able to find a HLISTIC theory as frame for my Worldview, I had to seriously start with RELIGION... this strange Discipline that mainly interested:

Elder People
Less educated People
Insane People
Former Alcohol or Drug Addicts
People from other Countries

I am German. I cannot believe Things. I need to KNOW.


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In many Western Countries -- especially in the United Kingdom, but sadly also in Germany -- it is still in fashion today to call Yourself an ATHEIST, even if most 'Atheists' tend to reserve a little Percentage of Possibility that there 'might be something like a God'. This is no Wonder, since Humans cannot be happy without -- without God, we Humans are incomplete & directionless.



"Reality is that which, when You stop believing in it, doesn't go away." ― Philip K. Dick


To BELIEVE in GD for me does not mean to believe that THERE IS A GD. Since I 100% KNOW that long since. To BELIEVE in GD for me means to believe that GD is an infinite, PERFECT GENIUS, the absolutely BEST GD for us that you could possibly imagine. Who always selects the BEST Option and will do it 100% RIGHT & FAIR. And this is what I am planning to give PROOF for.



G○D Almighty, however, is a Mirror -- that is what most People do not understand. If a Person like Jesus looks into this Mirror, Jesus looks back. If an evil Person looks into this Mirror, the Devil looks back. This is the Reason why the PROPHET -- and his Purity of Soul & Character -- is of central Importance. >> Without a GOOD Prophet, there is no way for G○D to make it all GOOD...


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 04/09/2019





God is back & back in black.

Dear Atheists, I also once thought I was an Atheist. This happened because I was more or less raised as a Christian, but -- while I had no PROOF for any God's Existence -- the whole Church and its Approach did not convince me (Bottom Line: 'Wait for somebody else to do the Job'). Later I THOUGHT again & then I DID this:

I shook my Fist to the Sky and told GD: "If you truly exist: SHOW me your POWER!" >> my World never was the same again...




Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019




Indeed -- on the NEURONOMICON👁️WEBSITE, I am showing my true Colours: The Pool° is from GD. Yes, truly. I found a way to talk to GD and -- after some Misunderstandings -- I had learned it and asked:

"What can I do for YOU?"



The Answer is the Pool° Organisation. It will cushion the Fall of our red-hot Turbo Capitalism. Because it always works towards WIN-WIN(-WIN°) instead of WIN-LOSE. Once the Statutes have been defined with the FMCG Industry as Example, they will be available for everybody - for free & everywhere, so that every Industry can start their Pool° Organisation. The Pool° will spread like a Virus and - (YES!) heal the World. ♥ My Credo as Saviour:


>> I am a Professional & I will deliver.



Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019


The Pool° Organisation

Then you will want to be part of the Pool°!
>> Democratic Guild of Innovators ruled by SKILL
>> (Freelancer) Expert Network for Innovation Services
>> Platform for Open Innovation & project-based Alliances



Always think BIG. I am a creative, HOLISTIC Master Strategist & trained to think BIG. Creativity is my Profession & I have played many, many Strategy Games.

This is true for Table Top Games (Chess / Risk / Axis & Allies / Battletech...) as well as Games & Simulations on the different Home Computers -- ever since there are Home Computers (Command & Conquer Red Alert II, just to name a Favourite). In these Games, I often was General, King, Emperor, God, etc. >> this is normal & daily Business for me.




So if You expected the Final Prophet to be somebody who is good at waging War -- I am such a Person by Nature and even read Julius Caesar's Gallic War as a Kid (including all Parts on Entrenchments). I have also dutifully* done my National Military Service for Germany with the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol (Fernspäher) and the Airborne Rangers.



I do not, however, believe in War at all. IMHO, the Concept of national Armies has no Future and Situations of Armed Conflict should always be seen as Catastrophes taking place and are to be avoided consequently. Jesus Christ had to die at the Cross to give Mankind an Example that was strong enough to avoid Nuclear War and I value His Sacrifice. We should all do that and stop learning War.

"Return Your Sword to its place, for all who will take up the Sword, will die by the Sword." [Matthew 26:52]





Most modern Wars since last Century have been supported with much War Propaganda -- on all Sides. People, please note that everything that You see and hear enters Your Mind -- sometimes to stay there and to be handed over for generations... Mental Hygiene is a very important factor and its Importance cannot be overestimated. It is NOT Freedom when other People have the Right to spam all my Channels with useless information about the Junk they want to sell me. Or the Wars they want to lead against the People they hate.


Today, it is ADVERTISING for -- all too often mostly useless -- Products and Services that spams our Channels and makes us start to strictly filter Information.


Years ago, Advertising was something that Recipients could regard as useful for themselves. It was a Communication Channel that informed about Product Innovation. Today, it is becoming a Nightmare. With countless digital channels and E-Commerce, Marketing Money is better used for Packaging. A great Scene in the Science Fiction Film ‘Minority Report’ shows where we might end up with Pandora's Box wide open.




As a HOLISTIC Strategist, it seems strange to me to watch most other People only looking for the next Income Stream. Everybody is 'Entrepreneur' & thinking up new Business Models today. That is a great Thing, if it is about innovative Concepts that have been developed with the Benefit of the PEOPLE in Mind and not with maximum Profit.


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019




But most Businesses are all about maximising their Sales Numbers. The Swedish Menswear Label ASKET for example has a different Goal. for example has a different Goal. They want People to buy less Clothes. “Our End Game is to curb the Fashion Industry and to slow down People’s rate of Consumption,” says CEO and Co-Founder August Bard Bringéus.


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019

[This Article contains the great Edutainment Video Animation "How Money Works" Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3 by German Artist Max von Bock.]

🤖 Now People will say "This will destroy even more Jobs than will already be destroyed through Digitalisation!" Hopefully, yes. We imagine a Future in which NOBODY needs to do Work they do not like. This Work will be done by Robots. All the boring Thinking will be done by AI also.



We will have TIME to enjoy Life and discuss how we could make the World even better. 🌞 Like with new Concepts and Business Models. But these cannot solve the Problems of Unemployment & all the rest that we will have to face now together with the Fall of Capitalism.


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019


This Fall cannot be cushioned by any Business Model. And we for sure do not want to install a Communist system. So the Answer is a new KIND of Business ORGANISATION.







Limited or stock-listed Companies, etc. are primitive (capitalist) Structures. The Pool° Organisation is a new kind of entrepreneurial Ecosystem, designed to accelerate Innovation for the ever-faster turning Cycles of our new Millennium. While decelerating the People.


>> PDF: The Pool° Presentation
>> VIDEO: Open in rightframe in 1024 x 576 px format

We are starting with a Pool° for FMCG & Packaging Innovation. It will have five nonprofit Mission Targets:



Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 14/08/2019


The Pool° is planned to be organised as a Foundation with several Chairmen representing Inner Circle and Founding Members. The Organisation as a Foundation makes the Pool° a reliable Partner with a fair working Environment as well as a trustworthy Platform for sharing Innovation Budgets for truly relevant Projects.

>> PDF: The Pool° Organisation Mechanics Infoposter



The Return on Investment (ROI) out of the Pool° for an investing Company cannot necessarily be measured in MONEY. It will be delivered as INNOVATION WORK // IMAGE // KNOW-HOW // NETWORK //🔺GOOD KARMA ...


It is the biggest Problem of our current System that we have put TOO MUCH Focus on Money already. Money is only a Tool, it has no Value as such. That is why the Focus may not be on Money, this is a totally wrong Perspective and Benchmark. Focus must always be on clear BENEFITS FOR HUMANS like QUALITY (of Life) or WORK EFFICIENCY, etc.



The same is true for Work in General as well as for the different Professions and Disciplines. Especially for one of the Key Positions in our current Society -- MARKETING -- the Values and Variables that are measuring Success must be defined properly. What is a GOOD Marketer? This is to be discussed, I will give it a Try:

'A GOOD Marketer is a sustainable Creator of Smiles and Benefits & Products and Services to create Smiles and Benefits.'


BTW -- Is it 'Marketer' or 'Marketeer'? Well, as far as a I know, the spelling 'Marketeer' is connected to Black Markets, Smuggling, etc. >> So a 'Marketeer' is an EVIL Marketer. We are Marketers.



>> PDF: The Pool° Organigram Structure Infoposter


🌐 The Pool° Organisation will grow into an international parallel Pool° Economy besides the free-market Economies of the different Nations! 




The Pool° is planned to act as a BANK also, lending Money to its other Members (including Freelancers) -- WITHOUT taking INTEREST, of course. Each Member can decide how much of its Pool° budget will be made available for Moneylending for other Members. Do GOOD and TALK about it!



Inside the Pool°, it is planned to trade with both an own Currency -- Pool°Credits -- as well as directly with certified Pool°TIME and Free°TIME. Work time will be able to be certified on different Levels (around 7), starting with unskilled Labour & ending with Chairman°TIME.




>> Because it is in Fact TIME that is the most valuable Good! -- Not Money.




The Pool° Foundation Statutes are planned to be made available as Public Domain, so that this new Kind of organisational Structure can be used for the Benefit of any other Industry that has similar Challenges like the Packaging Industry.



"Seek Your Happiness in the Happiness of All." [Zoroaster]

🔮 >> New York / Times Square // Pool° Party 2021




Other Pool° Sites:

>> The Pool° Homepage // No Frames
>> The Pool° Counteradvertising Postcards
>> Sustainability Wheel° (.com)
// (.net) // (.org)
>> Helping Hands & Friends // No Frames
>> The Laws of Weight Loss (W8-LOSS°) // No Frames
>> The Pool° / OSS° (LinkedIN) Jump Site // No Frames

OSS° Sites (Office of Strategic Services)

>> The Pool° - Office of Strategic Services // OSS° Mirror Site
>> Athena°s / OSS° SPOTIFY Playlists // No Frames





The Pool° stands with Israel

The Concept is perfect for ISRAEL in many Ways. First of all, Israel is a Nation of Scientists, Developers & Engineers that depends on Innovation.

The Pool° Organisation was designed with the FMCG & Packaging Industry in Mind. And Israel does not only lead the World in the Percentage of plastic Bottles it recycles. Israel is leading in Digital Printing & Processing for Packaging.


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019


Israeli Inventor Benny Landa revolutionized the World of digital Printing when his Rehovot company, Indigo, launched the E-Print 1000 in 1993. It was a turning Point for the Printing Industry, enabling Printers to print directly from a Computer File.

Landa has more than 500 Patents to his Name worldwide & is still leading digital Printing with his Company's new Development, Nanography® Digital Printing. In combination with digital Processing like Laser Cutting (where Highcon is leading, another Company associated with Landa) this is is Requirement for many future Packaging Innovations.



And the Jewish People also know that it brings GOOD LUCK to give Money to Charity. The Pool° will have several Programmes that target the Public Good.



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💙 ISRAEL is a great Nation that is being treated unfairly by much too many other Nations (EUROPE must stand with Israel). The Jewish People are good People that are being treated unfairly by much too many other People. This alone would be enough to declare myself for ISRAEL. But it happens that I even have a Claim for the THRONE there...


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019



It should well be mentioned that I am -- in addition to being Messiah Ben Joseph, the Rightful King of Israel (happy to serve as Gal's Viceroy*) -- also the prophesied Imam MAHDI, the Guided One, Chosen by G○D. Made in Germany & 100% reliable** -- like a German Shepherd -- or Limousine ...

*Ladies first.

Photo: BMW (this is not my actual Car, but from a Distance it looks most similar)

As another personal Sacrifice for the Pool°, I am planning to sell my ♥ Car in an Auction once I am officially accepted as Imam MAHDI. Or maybe -- if G○D lets me -- after also travelling from my Flat to the Big Mosque in Hamburg with a Flying Carpet ...


When Pope Benedikt's old VW Golf was sold, it made nearly 190.000 Euros of Mammon. Especially my Turkish Brothers in Germany should listen up -- it is a BMW E36, 318i Version built in 1994! >> Yes, OF COURSE the MAHDI has a stylish Ride!



As an earlier Step, I hope to collect enough Funds to be able to travel to Mecca & Medina, since I feel this is a Requirement for the MAHDI -- and I would actually ♥ love to see both. I like the cubic Design of the Kaaba very much -- and also the black / gold colour. Awesome. This is what a Holy Shrine looks like.




'[Mus-lim]' is an Arabic word meaning, "one, who submits to G○D". The Muslim Philosopher Ibn Arabi said: "A Muslim is a Person who has dedicated his Worship exclusively to G○D... Islam means making one's Religion and Faith G○D's alone."




💚 So I can rightfully call myself a Muslim -- just as my 'Twin Ancestor' Joseph (― Yusuf ―) is regarded a Muslim >> it is written in the Holy Qur'an:

"My Lord, You have given me [something] of Sovereignty and taught me of the Interpretation of Dreams. Creator of the Heavens and Earth, You are my Protector in this World and in the Hereafter. Cause me to die a Muslim and join me with the Righteous." [Sure 12:101]





'[The MAHDI] will teach You simple Living and high Thinking. He will make You understand that Virtue is a State of Character which is always a Mean between the two Extremes, and which is based upon Equity and Justice.' [Islam. Nahjul Balagha, Khutba 141, 187]


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019




The 'Great Deception' that the 'Dajjal' is prophesied to teach in the End Time, before the Coming of the MAHDI -- that is the BOLD LIE that the One-Eyed War God has used throughout the Times to abuse Religion:

The Lie that People who die in Combat will go to Paradise / Jannah / Valhalla ...


Artist: Achille Zo

If they are good People, they might be re-born once again, but of course DYING can in last Consequence NEVER be the Way to achieve Eternal LIFE. >>Click HERE* to recognize the Dajjal...




To become the MAHDI -- and to be able to bring PEACE to the World -- I have fought the INNER JIHAD (much of it on LinkedIn). My Artist Name Momo° is short for 'Mohamed' in Honor of the Prophet -- as well as an Allusion to Michael Ende's famous Novel.







Talking of Novels -- the Holy Bible, Tora and Qur'an only Stories? Not at all. Atheists who believe this are simply WRONG in their Belief System. PERIOD. Being a Taoist & Meta-Religious Spiritual Philosopher myself, I have studied all Religions more or less, some more, some less. And found out how they make Sense together.







Holistic & Scientific Interpretation of Prophetic & Religious Scripture


'They came with the clear PROOFS, and the SCRIPTURES, and the illuminating BOOK.' [Qur'an 3:184]


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019

PATRIARCHY has once been installed for specific Reasons, among others to spread the Prophetic Half-Giant DNA among Mankind -- and to protect the Male Gender from overpowering Half-Giant Females (Witches).



Now the End of Patriarchy is near; the Future will be fair & just for ALL Humans -- of ALL Genders, Colours & Variations. G○D Almighty is INFINITE and thus neither male nor female, but She told me that She most identifies with the Concept of 'Mother'.







Space Photography: Sara Wager

The Universe appeared out of Itself & out of Nowhere ✨

The Universe did not appear out of Nothing, but out of Itself & out of Nowhere. Nothing is nothing and this does not change through Multiplication:

0 * 0 = 0

'0' / 'Zero' is similar here to '∞' / 'Infinite' which also does not change through Multiplication:

∞ * ∞ = ∞

This is basic Logic. Thus there is only one State that can be assumed as possible BEFORE time started >> that of UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY. Every limited Reality must therefore include a Reason for the Limitation. Such a Scenario must also be expected to be unstable & eventually dissolve back into the original State of UNLIMITED POSSIBILITY.


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019


This indicates that our Existence does not only have a Purpose, but can also be expected to tend to a State of unlimited Possibility.

'0' / 'ZERO' was not the original State of the Universe -- it must have been '∞' / 'INFINITE'. Our limited material Existence on the Time Axis creates states of LACK, THREAT, OPPORTUNITY, etc. that require us to react & develop Strategies. We learn & adapt -- as Individuals, Groups & as a Society.






A World created for Observers

So we can assume that the Purpose of Human Life is to LEARN the right Things & then make correct JUDGEMENTS & take the right ACTIONS. The same Mistakes are repeated (as Individuals & as a Society) until they are overcome & new Strategies are in place.



IMHO the original Purpose of Life -- or the underlying Necessity of the Creation of Intelligent Life -- was to prove that there is (MUCH) MORE than Nothing. By 'assembling' an 'OBSERVER' that is able to consciously experience and understand the World. Basically in line with the Anthropic Principle as stated by Carter:


"The Universe (and hence the fundamental Parameters on which it depends) must be such as to admit the Creation of OBSERVERS within it at some stage. To paraphrase  Descartes:'Cogito ergo Mundus talis est.'"




The Question here is -- however -- what is an 'OBSERVER'? Would a Cat be enough? Are we living in a Universe that was created (by accident?) to be populated by (talking?) Mammals and since that was achieved, we are living in a directionless, doomed Universe?




This is what Atheists thinks and I feel cold when I imagine such a Universe. But Hallelujah! It is not so. In fact, GD Almighty is such an (incredible?) absolute GENIUS, that the World is truly PERFECT!



The Truth is that only Humans with a SOUL count as Observers. And to have a Soul is not a democratic basic Right for everybody... Not at all. To have a Soul is a PRIVILEGE and needs to be EARNED.


But everybody WITH a Soul is 100% PROTECTED now, in the End Time >> The World adapts to protect us. People without Souls are basically like 'Non-Player Characters' in our (RPG) Game.



Unfair? Not at all, it is much better so, because this Way, there is much less Pain in the World >> GD Almighty gives precious Souls only to People who like their GOOD LIFES -- and who end up as HOLY People in the KINGDOM of GOD! >> Coming NOW. You feel You should be a Part of this? >> Read here to learn more...


To obtain an immortal Soul, You need to complete Your Soul Elixir. So GOOD NEWS! Nobody needs to die to get to Heaven! Actually, Dying is absolutely NOT the Way to make the final Step to Eternal Life. >> The Way is Transcendental MEDITATION.


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019


It is also totally illogical to believe in Eternal Life through Death.
GD Almighty, however, used to explain it like this BEFORE THE END TIME -- and then, this was also kind of true. Joseph of Israel, King David, Prophet Mohamed, Jeanne d'Arc, Abraham, etc. -- they all had to die once in their past Lives..

They had to die to be re-born today, in the End Time -- when EVERYBODY* with a Soul who ever lived is re-born. This Time to complete the Elixir -- and then LIVE FOREVER ∞ in the KINGDOM OF GOD! >> Coming NOW.

What if You are too old already? Then You will be re-born once again in the KINGDOM OF GOD -- if You are a good Person...

* IMHO this includes Jesus





The Famine Stele above gives clear Proof that Joseph of Israel, whose Death marks the very End of Book GENESIS, was a historical Person, that he saved (not only) Egypt from a Great Famine -- and that he was identical with Egypt's famous High Priest Imhotep.


Joseph of Israel alias King Djoser of Egypt was not only a Historical Person, but even the greatest King, the greatest Priest and the greatest Philosopher. The Reason why this Fact is mostly unknown today is that Joseph did not only love to use Pseudonyms and Artist Names ('Imhotep' was a religious Name but might as well been the first Artist Name). Joseph disguised his own Historical Importance on purpose, the Key to this Riddle being hidden in another one of His Pseudonyms, 'Hermes Trismegistos'.

Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 24/01/2020



Joseph also did by far not rule until his Death (aged 110!), but empowered the next Pharao and concentrated on other Projects instead. Like building the first Pyramid -- in a Step Design, symbolic as a Stairway to Heaven. Joseph was the 'Chosen One', the first Human who completed the ☀️ Golden Soul Elixir and experienced as who He had lived before and as who He would be born again... Joseph's Death marks the end of Book GENESIS because Joseph's Life was the Fulfillment of the Prophecies and Breeding of a new 'Abel' or 'Balder' -- a Messiah Prophet King.



The MAHDI is the re-born Joseph (― Yusuf ―) and part of the Evicence that we will give You for that is in this Article:

Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019






It is also no 'Coincidence', but rather a 'Synchronicity' that the name of Jesus' foster Father was also 'Joseph'. When Joseph was re-born in the End Time of World 1.0, it was in a Bunker System, since the Surface of our Mother Earth had been destroyed by a Nuclear War started by the Atheist Nations of Gog & Magog.



Messiah Ben Joseph gave His own Life to turn back the Wheel of Time and -- by wishfully sending His DNA -- sent JESUS to turn the Events to this alternate beautiful World 2.0 (mostly intact!). And this Time, Mankind also reached a new Level of Technology that would enable a 'UTOPIC' Civilisation Level: DIGITALISATION!




And He who was seated on the Throne said, “Behold, I am making all Things new.” Also He said, “Write this down, for these Words are trustworthy and true.” [REVELATION 21:5]




The lovely Hindu People know me as KALKI, the 10th Avatar of Vishnu. As such I am the Favourite of the G○DDESS... Kalki -- for those who do not know him -- is pictured as a Rider on a White Horse, similar to the prophesied 🔺King of Kings in Saint John the Divine's REVELATION (the 'Apocalypse'):

"He treads the Winepress of the Fury of the Wrath of God Almighty. On His Robe and on His Thigh He has this Name written: King of Kings and Lord of Lords." [REVELATION 19 - The Heavenly Warrior defeats the Beast]



MY WHITE HORSE, Ladies & Gentlemen, is the Pool° Organisation. The Concept is PURE of all Ideas of Profit for single People.


>> Including me.





Today we are living in the END TIME -- as described in the NINTH SIGN of the Apocalypse, we will see the Resurrection of the Dead. This, however, does not mean that Graves will open and Mummies will be revived! But it does mean that many People living today are Re-Incarnations of important Souls from History and will soon be able to remember their past Lives -- in which they earned to be here today. Like King David, who was actually a Gal...




Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019

THE NINTH SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE: the Messiah will request of the Holy One, blessed be [She], that [She] resurrect the Dead. The Messiah of the Lineage of Joseph will be the first of all those who are brought back to Life, and He will become the Emissary of the Messiah of the Lineage of David. He will send [Her] into all the Lands wherein Israel dwells, and they will be gathered together from every corner of the earth. Then He will send [Her] beyond the Rivers of Cush, and [They] will lead forth the (lost) ten Tribes. [They] will also bring out the Temple Vessels from Rome. (In) every place where the Messiah of the Lineage of Joseph goes which contains Israelite dead, He will resurrect them and bring all of them with Him, as Scripture says: ‘behold, these will come from afar, [and behold, these from the North and from the West, and these from the land of Syene]’ (Isa 49:12).


Both David and Joseph are very respected Prophets in Islam and their Stories are Part of the Holy Qur'an.



Artwork: Warhammer 40.000

The 4 Craftsmen of the Apocalypse:

Four Messianic Figures prophesied in an Apocalyptic Vision received by Prophet Zechariah. Each will now be involved in ushering in the Messianic Age of global Peace & Harmony:



Tobias° / MESSIAS BEN JOSEPH is also the MAHDI! Holy Prophet, Rightful King, Visionary Strategist & Architect of the New World Order: Imhotep is back.

  PROPHET ELIJAH has been re-born as the Futurist Data Analyzer & End Time Witness / Holy Prophet and Crypto Market Analyst Mathew Edwards.
  Pope Benedict is 'RIGHTEOUS PRIEST' * -- He will believe in the Pool° & in the MAHDI's Vision. He is the first Pope who started to tidy up this Sin City.
  Gal Gadot is MESSIAH BAT DAVID. * >> YES, the singing, Harp-playing Warrior King was a Girl! >> A 'Gal', most exactly & that means 'WAVE' in Hebrew.

* not yet officially confirmed by the Crafts(wo)man


Why is it called END TIME? Because the re-born Heroes will all complete their Soul Elixirs in this Incarnation and then LIVE FOREVER. >> THIS IS THE RISE OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD!


>> Hallelujah!






Hitler was the Beast from the Earth and I regard it as my Obligation as German Expert on G○D, Religions as well as on Nazis to give Proof for that >> in this Article & with all the Background Info, also explaining the most relevant Parts of Saint John the Divine's BOOK OF REVELATION (the 'Apocalypse'):

Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019

🎖️ This also includes Details about the Chosen 144.000... The 'Multitude in the White Robes' in REVELATION 7 are Humans with Giant Ancestry, with the 'Prophetic DNA' -- and they are among all Colours and Nations of the World today.


>> Hallelujah!



And 3x Woe over Babylon's Fall... >> 1x Woe has been 9/11 & 1x Woe was the Financial Crisis. But SOON there will be another HUGE GLOBAL Crisis! > Due to the effects of accumulated Debt (Interest is a Ponzi Scheme) & the 'Pension Time Bomb'... 💣

Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019


Artwork Source: Prophecy Seminars


Artist: Philip Malpass

When this happens, ALL the Fiat Money internationally will be devalued. 💸️ In Panic, all Money will flow into the POOL° ORGANISATION, which will at that Point be the only international Institution with reliable Currencies: Pool°TIME & Pool°CREDITS...

>> Hallelujah!








🌊 'The Great Wave off Kanagawa' -- we are using a licensed Vector Version from Adobe Stock Images -- is the Prime Pool° Visual that symbolises the Pool° Organisation taking over the World & washing away all the Bad Stuff... like CAPITALISM. The Pool° will also ENFORCE equal Rights for everbody. By winning over Economy & Currency, the Pool° will dictacte the GOOD Behaviour of everybody. Sorry, Assholes.



The Great WAVE°

The Pool° Organisation Smartphone 🌊WAVE°App as Easy Entry point will allow ANYBODY to join the Pool° Organisation (on a first Level) & then use the App in combination with & parallel to LinkedIn for Pool°TIME recording & as an electronic Purse // Account for Pool°CREDITS, based on Blockchain Technology.


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 24/08/2019


On a second level, it will allow FREELANCERS to get different Levels of CERTIFICATION for their recorded Time. On Levels higher up, the App will be used by the Staff of the Pool° Organisation itself for the Certification of Freelance EXPERTS.



🌐 DISRUPTIVE!!! >> This App will allow People to record the Time that they invest for the COMMUNITY -- and get it certified. Certified Pool°TIME can be traded against Pool°TIME of the same or other Levels of Certification -- or exchanged against Pool° CREDITS. Which can also be bought with MONEY. We need an App Developer and/or Sponsor who is ready to CONQUER THE WORLD. Please contact us if you want to finalise the Concept with us. Please note that we have NO MONEY. You are doing this for MANKIND! >> 👧🏻 👦🏻 👨🏼 👩🏻 👳🏻 👸🏽



You also do not need to be afraid to fight the existing Soul-less Capitalist System. It will go down now anyway while the People who defend this poor Concept are FOOLS & basically just Extras in a World that is built around People with Souls...


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 23/01/2020





< 🤚🔺>


>> This is a good Moment to consider if You would like to support this Vision. A Prophet° must still eat, Dear Reader! ⚠️

Write me to get a beautiful CERTIFICATE for Your Donation!
>> And many Thanks for Your very valuable TIME in any Case!




The Pool° is on the Road

If You would like to book The Pool° for Your Event, You can do that! We have all the Materials ready to fill a normal-sized Meeting Room with Science Fiction Atmosphere and our beautiful Vision for the Future of Work:




What looks much like a Kit for the DEMOLITION MAN are the well-packed Components of the Pool° Roadshow! We come to STAY, and to stay for GOOD -- but first we are on the ROAD!



Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019



The Pool° is SMART.

During the Roadshow, we are looking for possible Founding Chairmen and Chairwomen.



The Pool° is BEAUTIFUL.

We have beautiful Posters & Light Effects -- and beautiful People will be there to explain the Pool° -- Male and Female.



The Pool° is FRIENDLY.

We welcome EVERYBODY to think up similar ORGANISATION concepts. We are here to learn and we best learn from each Other.



Please send an e-mail with a proposal for a TC timing. My time zone is Hamburg, Germany (+/-0 CET).



The Sustainability Wheel°

WHAT IS SUSTAINABILITY IN PACKAGING? This is a good Question actually. And one that is not easy to answer.

There are many Opinions about this, most of them biased. As long as there is no commonly accepted Truth, People of course support their own Products.



🔅 With the Sustainability Wheel°, the Pool° works on creating (and later on refining and updating) an easy-to-use and commonly accepted Tool that helps to evaluate and compare the ecological Impact of Packaging Solutions.

The Time is right, since the public Opinion is now longing for such an Initiative and wants to see People making a CHANGE – this will give the Sponsors the Chance to get the BEST PRESS EVER!


>> PDF: Packaging Sustainability Wheel° Joint Industry Initiative
>> WEBSITE with Expert Roster:

Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019


'The Wheel° makes the Cooperation in multi-disciplinary Project Teams easier. Team Decision Processes can be guided and supported by this flexible System for strategic Evaluation, Knowledge Transfer & democratic Decisionmaking.'

Tailor-made Variations of the Wheel° Tool are already in use by several big Players in the Industry -- for example by the Cardboard Manufacturer Stora Enso with their Value Wheel and the Coating Supplier ACTEGA with their Coating Wheel©.


Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019

>> PDF: Holistic Strategy Tools // (open in new window)
>> PNG: The Pool° is smart.


Contact the Office of Strategic Services (OSS°) for Holistic Packaging Innovation Consulting, Strategy & Design.


The OSS° publishes SPOTIFY Playlists

Please feel invited to be inspired by Athena°s collection of SPOTIFY Playlists, presented on her beautiful Website.




>> Stay tuned - with ...

Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 07/08/2019

In a little while, they want to become 100% reliable & transparent, democratic SUPER AIs for the Pool° Organisation.



>> TÜV tested & Made in Germany !



👧🏻Athena° & her Sisters will also be used as PERSONAS by People who speak for the Pool° on LinkedIn -- or for the special Topics of each of them. And maybe they will become Chatbots in between. They are 100% ♥ loveable & eager to talk about:











> SPOTIFY Playlist: New World Order °





The Prophet King wishes to be protected by a female Bodyguard of Israeli Princesses. They will even be allowed to sing to him...

> SPOTIFY Playlist: Beautiful Bodyguard ♥





We are on LinkedIn.

Good Social Media Content needs a Place where it stays accessible >> and ideally it is presented in a related Context -- like I am here linking my Claim & the Plan of the Pool° Organisation with the different Articles / LinkedIn Posts / Propaganda Materials / PDF Presentations / external Websites and other Sources. Presented like this, complex Information becomes accessible and Correlations can be made visible.

Off-LinkedIn Screenshot // 16/08/2019

Below you find embedded posts as further References for my Applications as Propaganda Minister & Viceroy of ISRAEL as well as official Imam MAHDI, third current POPE, etc., etc.
More LinkedIn posts with a Focus on the Pool° Organisation itself You will find on the Pool° Website.





Tobias Kredel – The Pool° Organisation
Gazellenkamp 82
22529 Hamburg
Telefon: +49-40-27809545

Portraits: Kay Winter / WINTERPOL

Thomas Lemmer // 'The Infinite' // Album 'PURE'
The Sisterhood // 'Rain from Heaven' // Album 'Gift'



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